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Spam on the EOS blockchain

By checking the transaction history on the EOS blockchain you may come across spam.

On the EOS blockchain, in fact, you can read dozens of messages of this type:

The message 老板疯了,大撒币 is in Chinese and it roughly translates to: “The boss is crazy, a lot of money”, while the short link directs to the homepage of a dApp. The dApp is QuickWin (319th in the general ranking of dApps), a lottery game that requires EOS to play.

QuickWin is linked to the wineosmaster account on which the total available EOS is 560.0497, which is the jackpot of those who guess the combination of 7 numbers (from 1 to 50).

Looking at the transactions of that account, there are at least 200 pages of 100 transactions each with the above message (probably a bot is being used to spam the message).

QuickWin is therefore responsible for spamming on the EOS blockchain, spreading the news as much as they can with dozens of transactions that clog the blockchain

This dApp was born last January, so just over a year ago, and is very similar to classic lotteries, the winning numbers are announced every 5 minutes and then the jackpot potentially gets higher every 5 minutes because more and more people are induced to try their luck and guess the 7 lucky numbers.

So far, however, no one has won the jackpot, although a few smaller prizes in EOS have been won.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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