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Dash outperforms BCH and BSV in number of daily transactions

Since December 2018, the number of average daily transactions on the Dash blockchain has exceeded that of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV).

In fact, the number of average transactions on Dash remained constant compared to the previous month, while the number of transactions on the BCH and BSV blockchains fell.

November was the month of the fork, so it is natural that there was a peak in the volume of transactions of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, in December however, these levels were below those before the fork.

The chain split has probably led to a distribution of the volume of transactions on the two blockchains, similar to what happened to the price, and this has ended up reducing the number of transactions on the BCH blockchain.

dash outperforms bch bsv

The use of Dash is growing, especially in some countries, so it is not surprising that the average daily volume of transactions is not suffering any decline, despite the collapse of the price from mid-November 2018.

The same cannot be said of BCH and BSV, which, after the fork, have suffered a sharp decline in transactions.

In particular, from November 28th to January 28th, Dash recorded more transactions than Bitcoin Cash in 64% of the days, while when comparing to Bitcoin SV this percentage rises to 89%.

If, on the other hand, the overall transaction values are taken into account, Dash is still clearly below BCH and BSV, most likely because it is a cryptocurrency mainly used for payments.

This can be seen well in the graph of the average value of the single transaction: for Dash this value has been constantly below 1,000 dollars, while for BCH and BSV it is around 30,000 dollars.

The median values of the transactions are about 6 dollars for Dash, 5 for BCH and less than 1 dollar for BSV.

Since Dash seems to have more low-value transactions it can actually be assumed that it has a more regular use, especially as a means of payment. BCH and BSV, on the other hand, have also recorded several transactions of high or very high amounts, which suggest a different, perhaps speculative, use.

The curious thing is that these three cryptocurrencies, together with some others, are trying to impose themselves only as a means of payment, rather than as a store of value or investment. To date, Dash is the one that seems to be succeeding best, the above data suggest that Dash already has a more daily use, and probably less speculative, while you can not say the same thing of either BCH or BSV.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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