Blockchain Insiders: how to have the chance to work in the crypto space
Blockchain Insiders: how to have the chance to work in the crypto space

Blockchain Insiders: how to have the chance to work in the crypto space

By Ilaria Stirpe - 3 Feb 2019

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Blockchain Insiders is about to begin. The first event dedicated to community management and marketing is less than 20 days away and there are many novelties.

First of all, the change of location, which now is the Hilton Garden Inn Milan North, Via Columella 36, and is able to accommodate up to 300 participants.

For the occasion, the organisers have released limited tickets at promotional prices for a few days.

During the event, renowned national and international speakers will intervene to tell the story of the blockchain with practical cases and an insight speaker approach, these include:

  • Amelia Tomasicchio, CMO of Eidoo and Co-founder of The Cryptonomist;
  • Davide Luigi Borella, known as Il Crypto Dave, creator of more than 30 Telegram chats dedicated to cryptocurrency and Community Manager for different companies.
  • Federico Viganò, Co-founder and CMO of Icobooster SA
  • Francesco Redaelli, Co-Founder of Crypto Coinference & Koinsquare, Marketing Manager of Aidcoin, Campaign Manager of Two Hundred, Speaker and Advisor
  • Lorenzo Rigatti, Head of Business Development & Investor Relations at Noku SA & Management Engineer

It has finally been revealed that Layllen Sawyerr will be arriving as a guest from California. She is an international speaker, she has worked for Coinbase and Wells Fargo and she will give a speech in English on the importance of women’s involvement in the blockchain space entitled “Diversity and inclusion of women in blockchain”. We want to make it clear that the Blockchain is not just a world for men but that there is still a lot of room for women, who are already many and capable in this area.

The event will end with a networking dinner reserved for only 10 Executive ticket holders, it is an important opportunity to interact directly with the speakers. It will take place at the restaurant “Carlo and Camilla in Sawmill” owned by the chef Carlo Cracco. The location was decided by the followers through a survey on social media.

All ticket holders will be given the opportunity to give their CVs to the hostesses during the check-in. The curricula will then be viewed by the speakers, who are looking for new employees. A unique opportunity not to be missed for those who want to work in this field.

To buy tickets click here and enter the code THECRYPTONOMIST21 to have a 10% discount.

Ilaria Stirpe

Graduated with honors from Università La Sapienza in Rome, she obtained her master's degree in Visual Merchandising, specializing in Marketing and communication strategies for social networks. She previously worked as a Web Writer, SEO Specialist and reporter for online regional newspapers.

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