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LiquidApps: vRam a new opportunity for the EOS blockchain

LiquidApps has developed a dedicated code to solve the problem of scalability of the EOS blockchain that can be implemented in the code of each dApp, namely the vRam.

Basically, thanks to the LiquidApps solution, blockchain developers will be able to use a service that provides the use of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System, a peer-to-peer method for storing data), lightening the RAM space and using it only to access the data that is currently required.

This project will be activated this month (February 2019) and can be used by anyone to further speed up operations, becoming a key part of any dApp based on the EOS blockchain.

EOS and Scalability

Scalability is a problem that affects all cryptocurrencies and is a limit to mass adoption.

If we consider the 3 operations per second that Bitcoin can do and the almost 30 of Ethereum and we compare them with the almost 1,000 operations of EOS or the more than 2,000 operations of Tron and, if we compare them all to the VISA payment system that handles 24,000 operations per second, we can understand how important this parameter is.

EOS is quite fast compared to most cryptocurrencies also because of the absence of fees that allows doing many operations at no cost, although of course, staked resources like CPU, RAM and NET (usually RAM) are used in order to support such a large number of transactions.

This means that the EOS blockchain is not used in its volatile meaning of data access but as if it were a real hard disk where different data related to the account are saved.

For a normal user there are not many issues in this regard, but for programmers and for the creation of smart contracts this creates problems because the dApp must contain a lot of information and the only way to achieve this is to save them on RAM which costs between 55 and 65 EOS per MB.

In short, the LiquidApps solution to solve the problem of scalability could make EOS the fastest blockchain in the world.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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