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Bitcoin and Valentine’s Day. It’s time for gifts

The time for Valentine’s Day gifts is approaching. Now even with BitcoinValentine’s Day, the festivity for lovers from all over the world, is approaching and, for once, instead of thinking about accumulating and trading bitcoins, it may be more interesting and romantic to spend them.

Money isn’t everything, or at least it shouldn’t. Emotional relationships are essential and even the toughest of speculators owe their partner an acknowledgement for their patience and love.

But how to spend your bitcoins on Valentine’s Day gifts?

We saw the list made by eToro with gift suggestions for the day of lovers, and we at Cryptonomist have integrated them.

  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers: it’s the most classic gift for Lovers’ Day. There are services that allow you to buy and have delivered a fragrant gift to your loved one, with the Italian startup Bloovery (bloovery.com) or with FlowersUSSR;
  • A watch: it can be purchased from Reeds, a US jewellery chain that accepts bitcoin payments, or even from BitDeals, which accepts virtual currency for luxury purchases;
  • An Amazon gift card which can be purchased with bitcoin. The card can also be used to buy other cards and vouchers or to buy books. This is possible thanks to Paybis, which also allows refunds.
  • A trip: you can buy travel packages with CheapAir or with bitcoin.travel. These are just two examples of travel agency services that allow you to buy an airline ticket with bitcoin. You can also book a hotel and pay for it with the cryptocurrency using Simple Booking;
  • A lingerie outfit from Overstock, a website that has been accepting bitcoin from 2014 for the purchase of goods on its own platform, which also sells other clothing and even household products;
  • A romantic dinner: you can look for the restaurant on Coinmap, a platform that allows you to find activities and restaurants which accept virtual currencies;
  • A piece of artwork, perhaps by Warhol: this is possible with Mecenas, an art house that allows buying tokenized shares of artworks with bitcoin;
  • A car: buysellcarwithbitcoin.com that has 17 cars for sale for BTC, of which 10 in Italy;
  • Bitcoin: you can also buy a fraction of bitcoin and gift it with a paper wallet and a dedicated love message. Because feelings and emotions are what is important on Valentine’s Day.
  • Finally, for a low-budget gift, you can decide to make your partner a special dedication on the blockchain thanks to Eternity Wall, an Italian service that allows recording messages on Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Fabio Lugano
Fabio Lugano
Graduated with honors from Bocconi University, Fabio is a consultant for companies and wounded shareholders of the Banche Venete. He is also the author of "Scenari Economici", and lecturer and analyst of cryptocurrencies since 2016.