The Money20/20 event, one of the most important events in the fintech and crypto sector, will be held in Amsterdam from 3rd to 5th June 2019.

The first 100 names of the speakers who will take turns on the stage of the RAI in Amsterdam were announced a few days ago. Among the prominent names we find:

  • Megan Caywood, Managing Partner of Barclays;
  • Roland Folz, CEO of solarisBank;
  • Petra Hielkema, Division Director of Dutch Central Bank;
  • Leanne Kemp, CEO of Everledger;
  • Freddy Kelly, CEO of Credit Kudos;
  • Ashley Lannquist, Project Lead, Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology of World Economic Forum;
  • Amy Neale, Vice President of Mastercard Start Path
  • David Rutter, Chief Executive Officer of R3;
  • Ajit Tripathi, partner of ConsenSys.

Among the companies present as partners or sponsors, there are also Santander, Amazon, American Express, EY, FedEX, BitPay, Black Rock, Telefonica, Citi and many others.

According to the official website of the Money20/20 event, there are still free places for candidates to apply as speakers or to buy a package as a sponsor.