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Ripple releases an update of the XRP Ledger

Ripple has announced the release of the XRP Ledger update, version 1.2.0.

This update introduces the Multisign Reserve Amendment, which reduces the requirements of the reserves associated with Multisign, from 15-50 XRP to only 5 XRPs.

In addition, it also includes improvements to the code that manages offers in the decentralised exchange. With version 1.2.0 of XRP Ledger, servers have the ability to automatically detect transaction censorship attempts, issuing alerts of increasing gravity, an therefore no letting a single entity to decide which transactions are successful or which should fail. Also, no one will be capable to alter transactions after these have been added to the ledger.

Anyone who is currently using an XRP Ledger server must upgrade to the new version by Wednesday, February 27 2019, to ensure service continuity.

Ripple’s team started distributing the new version on Wednesday, February 13, and the network should continue to operate as usual throughout the distribution phase, without any service interruption.

Ripple XRP Ledger update

Ripple will also welcome feedback regarding the update, offering rewards for those who will discover bugs or vulnerabilities.

In theory, XRP should be a cryptocurrency independent of Ripple, the company that created it. On the official website, it is reported that XRP Ledger is made with open-source technology that anyone can use, contributing to its development.

However, there are still strong doubts from the American authorities about the real relationship between Ripple and XRP. The lawsuit between some investors and Ripple to determine if XRP is to be considered or not a security token is still ongoing.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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