Civil has decided to launch a new ICO.

Due to the low volume and the prices of cryptocurrencies at low levels compared to the peak recorded in recent years, companies that decide to launch an ICO are few, allowing only relevant projects to move forward.

Although the company’s first ICO attempt failed (not reaching the $8 million investment target), the team announced that starting this month users will be able to buy Civil membership and CVL tokens, which represent the voting power of readers:

ico civil blockchain

In addition, Civil will introduce 2 new tools with the launch of the new ICO: The Civil Registry and The Civil Publisher.

The Civil Registry allows any newsroom to apply through Civil and gain the ability to self-govern, whereas The Civil Publisher allows to record data regarding their publications on the blockchain, thus making the data and sources available and transparent to all users. Each source on the Civil platform will be verified to ensure that ethical journalism is pursued and not solely for advertising purposes.

Civil, the journalism startup, in fact, will use the blockchain to ensure, on the one hand, independence from advertising revenues and on the other, to ensure a system in which readers can directly vote for the authenticity and accuracy of information.