Bitcoin SV dealing with orphan blocks
Bitcoin SV dealing with orphan blocks

Bitcoin SV dealing with orphan blocks

By Alfredo de Candia - 19 Apr 2019

Chevron down

In the past hours, Bitcoin SV has been experiencing new problems due to 6 consecutive orphan blocks.

This led to the net freezing for about an hour and a half. The news of the reorg has been reported in a tweet by Nikita Zhavoronkov, developer specialising in blockchain security.

The cause of this reorg, which led to the creation of these orphan blocks, is not yet clear

.Chris Pacia, of OpenBazaar and BCH developer, commented:

“This is basically exactly the problem the BU gigabock testnet identified. At sizes >100mb the mempools were so out of sync that blocks were basically transmitted as full blocks. BSV had ONE 128mb block and it caused a six block reorg”.

This problem occurred in conjunction with the tweet by Calvin Ayre, BSV’s attorney, regarding the action taken against podcast author Peter McCormack.


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