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Blockchain Week Rome: 6 days dedicated to crypto

The Blockchain Week Rome will be held in the capital at the Mercure Roma West hotel starting June 25th, 2019 and will last a total of six days.

The first three days, from June 25th to 27th, will be dedicated to an intensive course held by professionals and experts in the field, aimed at all those who intend to acquire or improve skills related to these issues.

The other three days, from June 28th to 30th, will be dedicated to the Summit, a series of conferences, panels, exhibitions, networking events, aperitifs and much more.

 Among the speakers already announced we find several institutional representatives, such as Marco Bellezza, Legal Adviser at the Ministry of Economic Development, Marcello Minenna, a well-known economist and Director of the Quantitative Analysis Office of Consob, and Matteo Fedeli, Director of Music Division at the SIAE.

The list also includes several experts from the MiSE blockchain task force, including Gian Luca Comandini, Massimo Chiriatti, Federico Tenga and Fulvio Sarzana.

The event will also be attended by numerous sponsors and partners, such as Eidoo, Coinbar, PwC, Luno, Blockchain Core, Blockchain Alliance Europe, Italtel and Millionaire, as well as several international guests.  

For a limited period, it will be possible to purchase tickets for the Course, Summit or all the activities of the Week at a special price. By using the CRYPTONOMIST code, it is also possible to get an additional 10% discount via this link.

These are the types of tickets:

  • “Blockchain Intensive”: allows participating in the three days of the course and acquiring new skills related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world with some of the most authoritative Italian experts.
  • “Blockchain Summit”: allows participating in conferences with national and international experts, as well as immersing oneself in an unprecedented networking experience.
  • “All Inclusive” allows getting the most out of Blockchain Week by attending both the Course and the Summit.
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