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Official: Bitfinex LEO listing date announced

Bitfinex has just released a statement on its blog announcing the listing date of its utility token: LEO will be listed on the exchange on Monday, May 20th at 8:00 UTC.

As already announced, LEO is the new Bitfinex utility token that had the goal of raising 1 billion dollars. The company was able to reach its goal in just 9 days.

After publishing the whitepaper UNUS SED LEO last Friday, May 10th, the exchange concluded a private sale corresponding to 100% of the LEO tokens in circulation, in exchange for a billion dollars divided into USDT, bitcoin (BTC) and USD.

The amazing speed with which Bitfinex has managed to collect so much money shows that the exchange is strong and the ecosystem that revolves around it is stable. Here are the trading pairs that will be initially available: BTC, USD, USDT, EOS and ETH.

In the statement issued by the company, the exchange stated:

“In addition to our excitement around bringing such an unprecedented and powerful token to the heart of our community, the Bitfinex team remains dedicated to continuing to grow and develop core infrastructure for our industry as a whole”.

For any further information about the new Bitfinex project, it is possible to enter the Telegram chat dedicated to the LEO token.