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CoinCorner Checkout: a BTC gateway for UK stores

All UK stores will now be able to accept bitcoin and be paid directly in pounds thanks to CoinCorner Checkout, a popular BTC payment gateway.

CoinCorner is one of the UK’s leading bitcoin exchanges and is about to launch a convenient bitcoin payment gateway that will allow all UK businesses that choose to integrate it, to accept BTC payments and to receive funds directly in GBP.

A remedy to the volatility of cryptocurrencies

After starting 2019 at $3800, the price of bitcoin has largely exceeded the threshold of $8000 at the beginning of this month, with an increase of more than 100%.

Although cryptocurrencies are known to the public for their volatility, CoinCorner’s new payment gateway promises zero risks of loss of revenue for all companies using its service.

When a customer makes a purchase in BTC, CoinCorner instantly converts funds to Sterling (GBP) and transfers the funds via the UK Faster Payments service.

Thanks to customers all over the world, bitcoin is rapidly growing in popularity also as a payment option in eCommerce.

The CoinCorner Checkout service is quick and easy to integrate, with no installation costs and a minimum commission of 1% per purchase.

Danny Scott, CEO and co-founder of CoinCorner said:

“We’re very excited to have launched CoinCorner Checkout at a time when Bitcoin is making big progress. Over the last several months we’ve seen maturity in the market and more consumers entering the space to buy and sell.”

Accepting BTC offers a competitive advantage

This could be the right time for UK companies to start considering bitcoin as a payment option and take advantage of what has become a $154 billion market.

There are many reasons why it would be a good idea for shops to accept BTC payments. The main one is that it offers a real competitive advantage.

In fact, whatever the industry, customers are always looking to use the services that make online shopping as easy as possible. Being able to offer a wider variety of payment options, including bitcoin, attracts new markets and expands the customer base.

According to the CoinMap website, there are over 14900 activities worldwide that already accept BTC payments. As far as England is concerned, to date, London and Manchester are the cities with most of these activities.

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CoinCorner Checkout is already available and all UK activities can register and obtain a free starting account.