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Chainside: pay for taxis with bitcoin (BTC)

Chainside is a company founded in 2017 that manages cryptocurrency payments between consumers and stores, both physical and online and thanks to a partnership signed with the largest network of taxi drivers in Italy it will be possible to pay for taxis with bitcoin (BTC).

Last March, Chainside reached an agreement with itTaxi, the largest Italian network of taxi drivers, to provide a real Mobile POS within the cars to allow bitcoin (BTC) transactions. Users will only have to download the dedicated mobile application for Android or iOS.

chainside pay taxis with bitcoin btc

At present, the service is not yet available because the mobile POS devices are being installed in the cars, however, this process will soon be completed, at least as far as Milan, Rome and Naples are concerned.

The agreement with itTaxi provides for more than 15,000 vehicles to be made available to consumers. The online service is already available: it is possible to pre-purchase the rides and pay for taxis with bitcoin (BTC) immediately.

The objective is not to have everyone understand the underlying technology. There is no need for sophisticated knowledge and the process is very simple: every business, both online and physical, by joining the platform will be able to add a new payment method.

chainside pay taxis with bitcoin btc

After typing the euro value in the Chainside app, the system converts the price directly into bitcoin (BTC). The merchant or, in this case, the taxi driver, can decide whether to receive the transaction in euro or to keep bitcoin (BTC).

ChainsidePay allows merchants to accept bitcoin (BTC) payments through the creation of a webPOS. After signing up and logging in to the dashboard, it is possible to create a Bitcoin Account which will serve as a reference for checking all the payments received.

On the official website, there is also a section dedicated to the developers and the documentation of the platform. Thanks to the release of the API is also possible to interact with Chainside in different ways.