J5, the crypto task force has foiled 50 scams
J5, the crypto task force has foiled 50 scams

J5, the crypto task force has foiled 50 scams

By Alfredo de Candia - 7 Jun 2019

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The event held in Washington to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the J5 task force dedicated to fighting crimes in the area of tax evasion has just ended. Crypto have also been the focus of attention in over 50 cases.

j5 crypto task force scams

The event was attended by the 5 executives who form the J5 (Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement) of different countries: Australia, Great Britain, USA, Netherlands and Canada. During the event, the team explained how they have intensified their efforts at the international level to combat crimes related to tax evasion, including cyber crimes and scams related to the world of cryptocurrencies.

During this year of activity, the J5 would have worked on more than 50 operations that led to the discovery of various sophisticated systems to evade taxes thanks to the complacency of financial institutions that facilitated the entire process.

The Director General of CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), Stephane Bonin, explained:

Tax crimes continue to evolve in their level of sophistication and complexity, which is why it is essential that we collaborate with our international partners to combat tax evasion. After one year working with the J5, we are now all better equipped to conduct operations together in the fight against those who commit, promote and enable international tax crimes and money laundering. Together, we will continue to tighten the net on those who break tax laws, and ensure they face the consequences of their actions.

The work of the task force was also made possible thanks to the collaboration with the FCInet platform, a decentralised virtual computer platform that allows governmental and non-governmental agencies to compare, analyse and exchange data anonymously, helping users to obtain the right information in real time from different jurisdictions, while respecting the autonomy of different authorities and having international transparency of the data available.

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