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Binance 2.0: the update of the trading platform

Yesterday Binance published a post announcing all the news related to the future update to version 2.0. It is currently already being rolled out and available for some customers. 9 are the new features of the Binance 2.0 platform.

The new website, already available for preview, will introduce several features that will help and improve the trading experience.

The following will be added:

  • A tab dedicated to margin trading, allowing the user to decide and switch instantly between regular and margin trading. 1000 users who have filled in the form will be able to start using margin trading in preview;
  • A new page to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency with different payment methods. In addition, this new page will also allow buying and selling using the TrueUSD (TUSD) and Paxos (PAX) stablecoins;
  • An improved user centre interface with all the key information under a new dashboard so users can have better control of their account;
  • Improvement of the website navigation aspect, significantly enhancing the platform and trying to be as user-friendly as possible;
  • Better integration with Binance news and its activities, with the related announcements, allowing the user to be informed about important news through a banner;
  • Better support for the 15 languages of the platform, in order to ensure that the whole world can access the platform, by trying to eliminate language barriers;
  • A revised and improved section of the ecosystem related to Binance and how it operates and will continue to operate across all the projects in which it is involved;
  • Security improvement of the entire website to boost speed performance, especially from mobile;
  • A better and more responsive support section for the requests and needs of the users, in an attempt to speed up the troubleshooting of already known problems and provide solutions to new problems with a completely revised FAQ section.

Binance will be introducing these new solutions in the next few days and we will finally switch to the new 2.0 platform.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that the fees of the platform have decreased because the BNB token has risen in price and therefore the fee payment system has been adjusted, as pointed out by CEO Changpeng Zhao in a tweet.

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