1ML: all the statistics of the Bitcoin Lightning Network
1ML: all the statistics of the Bitcoin Lightning Network

1ML: all the statistics of the Bitcoin Lightning Network

By Emanuele Pagliari - 16 Jun 2019

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The Bitcoin Lightning Network has been in beta testing for almost a year and a half now, but its use is constantly increasing.

More and more projects have decided to adopt Lightning Network and integrate it into their service platforms.

To monitor the growth that the entire network is experiencing, there’s 1ML, a full-fledged Lightning Network search engine, where all the statistics imaginable can be found. It is possible to see the statistics of both the mainnet and the testnet, the number of nodes, channels, total and average capacity in terms of bitcoins and much more.

Nodes, capacity, IP, channels and much more: all the Lightning Network data

On the 1ML.com website, which can be accessed at the following address, it is possible to view a wealth of information. First of all, in the top bar on the right, it is possible to select which network to display, either the LN testnet or the LN mainnet.

In the search bar, the ID of a channel, the public key of a node or the IP can be entered in order to obtain all the information or statistical data. For example, by choosing the Bitrefill node, it is possible to view the IP, how many channels it has created and the capacity in terms of bitcoins.

It is also possible to observe the trend related to the number of channels and capacity over the last days and months, as well as much more information. In addition, all data can also be downloaded into a JSON file.

In addition, 1ML also reports the main nodes of the Network, classified according to the number of active channels, capacity and other parameters. There are also general network statistics, including the total number of active nodes and channels or the number of public nodes and network growth in the last 24 hours.

Finally, it is also possible to view the actual network graph by clicking on ‘Visualize‘, which allows following the growth of the bitcoin Lightning Network.


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