IOTA: a new food-related partnership with Primority
IOTA: a new food-related partnership with Primority

IOTA: a new food-related partnership with Primority

By Matteo Gatti - 20 Jun 2019

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IOTA has announced a food-related partnership with Primority to ensure food safety when dealing with allergens using distributed ledger technology (DLT).

IOTA and Primority together to improve the food supply chain

Food allergies can be fatal for consumers and labels can often be inaccurate.

In order to ensure food transparency and consumer safety, the IOTA Foundation and Primority have decided to work together.

Using the 3iVerify platform, Primority‘s clients, mainly food producers, will be able to collect information about the production chain.

Distributed ledger technology for allergen tracking

Information from the 3iVerify platform will be saved on Tangle, the core technology of IOTA, thanks to the MAM channels. Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) refers to a protocol that allows for the creation and reading of data on the IOTA Tangle in a secure manner.

A MAM channel will be created for each product and will be identified by a unique code. It was preferred to use these channels instead of an IOTA transaction because they allow entering information in a faster way. Once saved in the Tangle, the information is obviously immutable.

AllergensCheck app

Buyers will therefore always have accurate information about what they are buying at their disposal. To access this data, it is sufficient to scan a barcode placed on the food using a smartphone running the AllergensCheck app.

With this app, customers can scan any food they want to buy. Thanks to the barcode, the correct MAM channel is selected and all information is displayed on the smartphone.

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