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Eidoo: human rights, security and blockchain

During an eventful trip to Rome, Thomas Bertani of Eidoo had the opportunity to meet two important members of the Italian Diplomatic Corps to talk about security and blockchain. Eidoo, in fact, with its contribution to the crypto world, is trying to operate in such a way as to make the sector increasingly secure and easy to access to the masses, something also demonstrated recently in a survey that considers Eidoo one of the most user-friendly systems for storing and trading cryptocurrencies.

As reported in a press release issued by Eidoo, Bertani has recently also spoken with the Plenipotentiary Minister Fabrizio Petri. Minister Petri directs the CIDU – Comitato Interministeriale per i Diritti Umani (Interministerial Committee for Human Rights), an Italian government body set up on the occasion of Italy’s accession in 1978 to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and which represents the concrete means of implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The CIDU carries out activities for the Italian Government to promote the adoption of all the measures that are necessary to ensure full compliance with Italy’s international obligations in terms of respect for human rights. 

Eidoo recently met with the CIDU at the Diversity Media Awards, an event on the topic of respect for diversity of which Eidoo was the main sponsor and of which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was a partner and promoter.

In the early afternoon, Bertani also met Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, Ambassador and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Republic, at the ancient and prestigious Hunting Club. 

Ambassador in Israel, at the White House and at the UN, Giulio Terzi is probably one of the most talented diplomats Italy has ever experienced since the end of the war. In addition to various prestigious international assignments, Terzi is now Chairman of Cybaze S.p.a., the leading cybersecurity company in Italy. 

The Ambassador asked Bertani many interesting questions about the development of the most recent projects of Eidoo and the Poseidon group, discussing with him – during the interview – topics related to international security, cyber attacks and the extraordinary opportunities provided by blockchain technology.

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