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Civitanova Marche launches the project Bitcoin beach

The town of Civitanova Marche officially joins the project Bitcoin beach. 

In fact, with the resolution 215 of 11/06/2019, chaired by the Mayor Fabrizio Ciarapica, the City Council signed an agreement with Bitcoinyou.it of Simone Cantarini, to allow the commercial activities of the territory to have adequate and proper training on the use of bitcoin, blockchain and other cryptocurrencies.

civitanova marche bitcoin beach

Thanks to this project, called Bitcoin beach, it will be possible for traders, professionals and companies in the area to participate in training meetings with professionals and get adequate training about the world of the so-called money 4.0. 

The project was proposed by Bitcoinyou.it, a startup born in 2016 that has as its mission the dissemination, knowledge and use of bitcoin and blockchain in everyday life.

The objective of the Municipality of Civitanova Marche is to help all those who do not have practical skills or adequate knowledge and who are often afraid of a reality that seems complex and obscure to understand, such as that concerning bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, so that they can learn to use these new technologies every day and in a straightforward way. 

The Municipality will also set a good example by accepting bitcoin payments for some municipal services yet to be defined. These will be converted into euros and thus credited directly to the current accounts at no cost.

The seminars will be free and will take place within the City Hall. The speakers will be Marco Ferrante, Cristian Perini, Iacopo Piersantelli, Michele Talamonti, of Bitcoinyou.it, and other external speakers experts in the field.

Finally, a trade fair event of national importance dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be organised. 

The Commerce Councillor, Pierpaolo Borroni, said: 

“Civitanova is the first Public Administration to act as an intermediary between traders, professionals and companies in the area, promoting meetings with professionals to obtain adequate training on the world of money 4.0, a sector in continuous and strong evolution and that can offer important opportunities for development and growth for companies. I want to thank for this Eng. Marco Pandolfi of the CED (data processing centre of the municipality) who has provided his professionalism to activate this innovative opportunity for residents and tourists”.

Simone Cantarini added: 

“Through consultancy and didactic activity we want to help all those who do not have practicality or adequate knowledge and who are often afraid of a reality that seems complex and obscure, to understand how bitcoin and blockchain are actually extremely easy to use and apply even in everyday life”. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
Born in 1975, Marco has been the first to talk about Bitcoin on YouTube in Italy. He founded ilBitcoin.news and the Facebook group" Bitcoin Italia (open and without scam) ".