AMUN: here’s the first ETP on Bitcoin Cash
AMUN: here’s the first ETP on Bitcoin Cash

AMUN: here’s the first ETP on Bitcoin Cash

By Amelia Tomasicchio - 5 Jul 2019

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The first ETP based on Bitcoin Cash, Amun, was presented today in Lugano.

Amun was listed a few hours ago on the Swiss SIX Exchange.

Amun already included ETPs based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether and Monero, and as of today, the portfolio will also include Bitcoin Cash.

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What is an ETP?

ETP stands for Exchange Traded Product and refers to a wide range of financial instruments traded on stock exchanges.

The price trend derives from other financial instruments, in this case, cryptocurrencies.

An Amun spokesman explained during the press conference:

“To date we have six ETP products with Amun. If you are familiar with how an ETF works on gold, you will understand how our products work. We have two indices: one of the first 5 cryptocurrencies for market cap and one for the first 10. It’s like buying a stock in the traditional market”.

The event in Lugano

The press conference for the presentation of Amun and the first ETP based on BCH is still in progress at the moment in Lugano, with the presence of the Mayor of Lugano, Marco Borradori, many members of the blockchain investment fund Pangea and the CEO of, Roger Ver.

After the Mayor’s presentation on the position of Lugano with respect to the blockchain environment of Milan and Zurich with which the city wants to be more connected, Roger Ver takes the floor explaining his background.

From the time he sold computer hardware in 1999 to the present day, a lot of water has passed under the bridge for the Roger, who is – or better, was – often referred to as Bitcoin Jesus.

Among the first to believe in Bitcoin, Ver is now a firm supporter of BCH, a cryptocurrency born in 2017 from a Bitcoin hard fork.

“I am betting on everything that works”, explains Ver referring to the possibility that cryptocurrencies can bring to make people all over the world more free to spend, send and receive money.”

Amelia Tomasicchio

As expert in digital marketing, Amelia began working in the fintech sector in 2014 after writing her thesis on Bitcoin technology. Previously author for several international crypto-related magazines and CMO at Eidoo. She is now the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Cryptonomist, and also PR manager for the Italian market at Bitget. She is also a marketing teacher at Digital Coach in Milan and she published a book about NFTs for the Italian publishing house Mondadori, while she is also helping artists and company to entering in the sector. As advisor, Amelia is also involved in metaverse-related project such as The Nemesis and OVER.

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