Italy as President of the European Blockchain Partnership
Italy as President of the European Blockchain Partnership

Italy as President of the European Blockchain Partnership

By Stefano Cavalli - 11 Jul 2019

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As reported in a recent press release, Italy has been awarded the role of President of the European Blockchain Partnership, to be held for at least one year.

This role will allow the Bel Paese to offer and obtain important innovations in various fields, including healthcare.

The initiative, promoted by the European Commission, aims to create a European platform based on blockchain suitable for the development and delivery of digital services for European citizens.

Among the companies involved stands out Consulcesi Tech, whose president Massimo Tortorella, said:

“Transparency and greater quality, as well as drivers of growth for the country: Italy is the leader of an ongoing revolution”.

Healthcare is one of the most relevant sectors, in part thanks to the solutions already developed by Consulcesi Tech.

“The application of blockchain technology to public services will guarantee transparency and greater quality, but it will also be a driver of development and enhancement of the innovative momentum of our country, thereby creating value”.

Italy becomes President of the European Blockchain Partnership

Consulcesi Tech is a leading company in the most innovative technological fields, including blockchain applications in the health sector and cybersecurity.

As reported by President Massimo Tortorella, the fact that Italy has obtained the Presidency of the EU Blockchain Partnership from Brussels is a great opportunity.

The European Commission, in fact, aims to create a blockchain-based platform for the development, management and delivery of digital public services.

One of the areas in which the blockchain could find numerous applications with the aim of improving the everyday lives of European citizens is certainly in healthcare.

“Addressing citizens’ health requirements entails a thorough knowledge of their needs: this is possible through verified surveys, where data are fake-proof thanks to blockchain technology. Surveys focused on health but obviously applicable to any other area in which certainty and immutability are essential, as well as surveys on the satisfaction of health services and questionnaires for use by insurance companies are just some of the points that, thanks to this technology, can be addressed by obtaining certain answers and therefore useful to improve the services offered to citizens. A new standard for the management of health data can, therefore, be established, starting from medical records: these will become part of a database that is immutable and certain but which can be consulted by medical personnel, in full respect of privacy and avoiding computer risks”.

Another important objective that the EU Blockchain Partnership has set is to create a certified quality standard at the European level, using a platform developed ad hoc. For example, a very interesting use case could involve the certification of the training of professionals, for which there are no different standards from state to state. “There is a need for European rules and standards,” said Tortorella.

However, the health sector remains the point of reference, where the solutions already developed by Consulcesi Tech make Italy practically a leader in an effort to improve services for citizens.

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