SegWit transactions reach a new record
SegWit transactions reach a new record

SegWit transactions reach a new record

By Alfredo de Candia - 12 Jul 2019

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As also reported by’s CTO, Jameson Loop, SegWit transactions have increased significantly, reaching a new record, even though many exchanges and wallets have not yet implemented this feature.

SegWit, an acronym for Segregated Witness, is the name used by a Bitcoin protocol upgrade that is used to implement second-layer scalability solutions.

segwit transactions record

From the graph, it is possible to see that SegWit transactions have reached a new peak in 2019, in correspondence with the increase of the bitcoin value.

As stated in the tweet, to immediately check whether a service, exchange or wallet has implemented SegWit, it is sufficient to have a look at how the address starts: the SegWit addresses all start with 3 instead of 1.

Recently, partly as a result of the peak in the price of BTC, the addresses with at least 1 dollar have increased exponentially.

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