Nick Szabo prefers Monero over Bitcoin for privacy
Nick Szabo prefers Monero over Bitcoin for privacy

Nick Szabo prefers Monero over Bitcoin for privacy

By Alfredo de Candia - 22 Jul 2019

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Nick Szabo spoke about Monero, Grin and MimbleWimble.

Szabo, known especially in the cryptocurrency world, has answered some questions from users via twitter:

About Monero, Nick Szabo thinks it’s an interesting and important project. Szabo does not recommend using Zcash rather than Monero and vice versa, because the two cryptocurrencies have different aspects, both related to technology and to governance, which he has not looked into.

However, immediately afterwards, he said that Monero is better than Bitcoin from a privacy point of view and therefore encourages people to use XMR rather than bitcoin.

Subsequently, another user asked about GRIN and the MimbleWimble protocol:

In this case as well, Nick Szabo proved to be positive about the project by listening to some engineers who know and respect that have highlighted the interesting aspects, but he was not able to investigate further.

From his point of view, this new cryptocurrency launched just at the beginning of the year and which recently completed its first hard fork, could represent an interesting project in the long run. Grin is currently at 105th place on CoinMarketCap and is traded at about $3, but in January it was close to $15 per unit.

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