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Samsung supports the Pundi X wallet on the Galaxy S10

As announced on the official Pundi X blog, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet of the Samsung Galaxy S10 now supports XWallet, which works like a true hardware wallet integrated into the smartphone.

Last February 2019, Samsung officially announced the Samsung Galaxy S10, the first smartphone of the South Korean manufacturer to integrate at the hardware level a proprietary solution for the safe storage of private keys (Samsung Blockchain Wallet) of any cryptocurrency wallet.

At first, the company had released an application very similar to a real wallet but intended only for the Korean market. In recent days, however, Samsung has decided to add to its range of applications capable of interfacing natively with the blockchain key store also XWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet developed by the Pundi X startup.

Pundi X’s XWallet debuts on Samsung Galaxy S10

Thanks to the collaboration between Pundi X and Samsung, the version of XWallet compatible with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet can be downloaded by all owners of the Galaxy S10 directly from the official Samsung store.

“This presents a unique opportunity to push blockchain technology and blockchain-based digital assets into the mainstream, reaching the millions of Samsung smartphone users around the world”.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 who install XWallet on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet will be able to use the two apps for storing cryptocurrencies and to make payments in a completely secure manner.

Pundi X also added that with the recent release of XPOS, additional payment options will be made available to Galaxy S10 users in the future. XWallet is also connected to XPASS, another product of Pundi X for crypto payments through NFC.

“The XWallet’s integration with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet thus makes Pundi X payment ecosystem available to a much wider audience, allowing the Samsung Galaxy smartphone users to not only store their ETH securely but also transfer to XWallet and spend it in a variety of shops, opening their doors to the new generation and their preferred cryptocurrencies”.

The startup in the past had already announced its blockchain-based smartphone – XPhone -, a device that can be used in two modes: Android mode as an ordinary Android smartphone, or blockchain mode with different blockchain-based features.

The blockchain mode takes advantage of the Function X (FX) operating system which allows the user to connect with the Pundi X blockchain and use it to make calls, send messages, use dApps and other distributed services.

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