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Pundi X: the DAI stablecoin arrives on XWallet

Yesterday Pundi X announced that it will support the DAI stablecoin on its XWallet.

As can be read in the press release, the MakerDAO stablecoin (DAI) will become part of the Pundi X payment ecosystem and will be usable on the XWallet, with the XPASS card – which is equipped with the NFC system – and the XPOS device, the first point-of-sale system using blockchain technology.

The DAI stablecoin is pegged 1 to 1 with the US dollar.

This is an addition requested by customers who wanted to have a stablecoin in their system, as stated by Zac Cheah, co-founder of Pundi X:

“Having a stablecoin like DAI on our platform has been requested by our community for some time. We are very pleased to onboard a stablecoin with such an established reputation as DAI to our financial ecosystem.”

Moreover, as of next month, 50,000 MakerDAO branded XPASS cards will be launched in collaboration with the same company, thus reducing costs and launching the service in South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela, as confirmed by MakerDAO representative, Nadia Alvarez: 

“Dai provides an easy way for people in Latin America to escape the devaluing effects of hyperinflation. By integrating Dai across its global payment network, Pundi X makes it very simple for people — even those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies — to use Dai and have more control over their finances.”

In conclusion, it is worth noting once again the 360-degree commitment of Pundi X, a company that recently became part of Samsung’s flagship terminal, as well as offering the possibility of using Telegram to send and receive crypto, and lastly the future launch of its blockchain-based device, XPhone.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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