Coinbase Card: costs, fees and first impressions of the VISA card
Coinbase Card: costs, fees and first impressions of the VISA card
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Coinbase Card: costs, fees and first impressions of the VISA card

By Stefano Cavalli - 10 Aug 2019

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Users who ordered the Coinbase Card received it within a few days. Following the announcement on June 12th, according to which Coinbase had finally made plans for six other European countries for its card (including Italy), it is finally possible to test its functions.

There are still many questions regarding the cost of purchasing the card, the fees and the maintenance costs of one of the most interesting tools in the cryptocurrency panorama, which every day sees more and more people involved in this world.

Coinbase Card and everything there is to know

First of all, inside the envelope received by post, there are both the card and the activation code (top right). Both are obviously essential in order to set up an account.

Another requirement is the app, present on any smartphone, which allows managing all the aspects of the Coinbase Card.


When opening the app, the user will be asked for:

  • the telephone number to which a code will be sent for the confirmation process;
  • the date of birth previously set within the account.

Activation of the card

Once this is done, a dashboard will appear showing the balance, the name and surname of the holder and the transactions carried out. However, there is another step to take: the activation of the card.


If this step is ignored, it will not be possible to use the card at any point of sale, regardless of whether it accepts VISA as a payment method or not.

Coinbase Card: PIN code request

Note: No PIN will be displayed,

an English voice will dictate the code directly from the smartphone, so pen and paper can come in handy.

To activate the Coinbase Card, it is necessary to click on the top right of the icon, the one showing a green dot, and insert the code found inside the envelope.


All cards have a PIN code and the same applies to the Coinbase VISA card. To request it, just click on the card and a menu will open showing the settings: the first item is the one that allows obtaining a PIN.

This will trigger an automatic call in which the PIN code is communicated in English:

The costs of the Coinbase Card

First of all, it is necessary to specify that the card is not free, but has a one-off cost of 4.95 euros.

What everyone wants to know is whether there will be any fees. Coinbase answers this question by saying that there are no additional costs, it’s all free. However, there is an exchange commission and it is equal to 2.49% of the transaction.

This percentage is due to the crypto/fiat exchange that takes place in real-time and which the user does not have to worry about at all. Even for withdrawals, there are no commissions as long as the user remains within the limit of 200 dollars per month. After that, 1% will be charged on every USD or EUR over two hundred.

Further information regarding the Coinbase Card costs can be found on the official website.

How to recharge your Coinbase Card

It may happen that there are only fiat currency funds in the account, for example, Euro. The Coinbase Card will not work, it has not been specifically designed to be used using this kind of currency.

To be able to withdraw and make any type of payment it is necessary that there are cryptocurrencies within the account, such as bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) or litecoin (LTC).

In conclusion, there is no need to transfer funds from the Coinbase account to the card, since they are linked together.

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