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Larry Sanger of Everipedia criticises EOS

Recently on Twitter, the founder of Everipedia, Larry Sanger, has made negative comments with regard to the EOS blockchain.

As also explained by the co-founder of Wikipedia, EOS is no longer suitable for the development of Everipedia because it is too centralised.

For Larry Sanger, the EOS blockchain is predominantly in Chinese hands, which would not guarantee the decentralisation and security necessary for the blockchain and consequently for the Everipedia project.

The criticism stems from the fact that, currently, 10 of the 21 Block Producers (BP), that is, those responsible for creating the blocks, are Chinese.

Unfortunately, it is a problem known to both the community and block.one: BPs are selected based on the votes that the various accounts on EOS cast for their BPs based on how many EOS they have in stake.

Moreover, this voting system, as democratic as it may seem, meaning that everyone can vote on the blockchain for both BPs and referendum proposals, has led to a de facto plutocratic system, since those who stake more EOS, i.e. greater economic investment, actually decide on which BP to target and have them produce blocks.

These are the aspects behind the concerns of the founder of Everipedia, who only recently announced major improvements to the platform, demonstrating how the project believes in the blockchain

For the time being, there is no definitive solution, or at least not an imminent one.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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