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CryptoZombies: a programming course on Libra

The Loom team has announced a new free course called CryptoZombies, designed to allow anyone to learn the basics of operating and programming with the codebase of Facebook’s Libra.

Matthew Campbell, CEO of Loom, said:

“We went to a Libra meetup in Bangkok and 100 developers came out and none of them were blockchain people. We really think this is the project that will bring a lot more normal developers into the blockchain space”.

Gaming as a way to learn

The CryptoZombies tutorial for Libra is not the only way to learn how to develop on the new blockchain of Facebook, but it has the advantage of being online and most importantly free.

Loom is a company that focuses on improving the experience of blockchain developers, using gaming as a means to learn. All this takes place through fun programming lessons.

Similarly to CryptoZombies for Ethereum, which according to the released data has been used by thousands of developers, the company plans to release new courses as the development of Libra progresses.

The programming language to be learned in order to interact with Libra will be Move.

Campbell then said that each chapter will typically require less than 15 lines of code to be written and will be quite straightforward.

Loom is a layer 2 solution which allows developers to avoid worrying about scalability or speed problems on blockchains. This is because they can use Loom’s sidechain which is based on a Delegated Proof of Stake (D-POS) mechanism.

Despite general scepticism, Campbell is eager to see what will happen when Libra obtains full freedom of action.

“This [Libra] isn’t the crypto we wanted, but it’s going to get everybody started. I think it’s going to be the gateway drug that we needed to get people into other cryptos”.