Andreas Antonopoulos announces his new book Mastering Lightning Network
Andreas Antonopoulos announces his new book Mastering Lightning Network

Andreas Antonopoulos announces his new book Mastering Lightning Network

By Emanuele Pagliari - 29 Aug 2019

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Andreas Antonopoulos is perhaps one of the most famous people in the cryptocurrency world. He has become famous thanks to his educational videos on the functioning of bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Antonopoulos is also the author of several books, including Mastering Bitcoin and the new, recently announced title: Mastering Lightning Network.

Yesterday, in fact, during the last video published on his YouTube channel, Andreas Antonopoulos told his audience that the new book, entitled Mastering Lightning Network, will be written in collaboration with René Pickhardt and the CTO of Lightning Labs, Olaoluwa Osuntokun.

Antonopoulos pointed out that the three authors will start writing the new book next September and that it will take about a year to complete. The book will probably not be available until the end of next summer.

During the announcement, the three also stressed that active participation of the crypto community in the making of the book is warmly welcome.

Andreas Antonopoulos at work on Mastering Lightning Network

During the same video published yesterday, Pickhardt explained that what motivated him to participate in this project is the lack of educational material about the bitcoin 2nd layer solution Lightning Network (LN). After having started to work independently on an Open Source book on the subject, he decided to join Antonopoulos.

Andreas, in fact, explained that the book will be aimed at all people less experienced in the field, who therefore are not aware of the possibilities offered by the scalability solution for bitcoin (BTC). He also said that in addition to the operation of LN, it will also cover some of the applications designed to run on LN.

Finally, he said that the book will be free-of-charge from the outset, allowing everyone to read it freely and help with translations or content. Antonopoulos is also the author of Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money and Mastering Ethereum. A fourth important book will soon be added to the author’s educational series.

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