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The Ripple testnet (XRP) has been reset

Yesterday Wietse Wind, developer of XRPLabs, announced that the XRPL testnet has been reset and that it is again in sync with the Ripple (XRP) testnet.

As a result of this reset, all accounts, balances and parameters of the testnet have been deleted, as well as the contents, which is why users can now use new accounts and make new faucets. Obviously, as far as the mainnet is concerned, there was no interference of any kind.

Many have wondered if this has been done in anticipation of the Cobalt consensus algorithm that will allow, as explained by Ripple David Schwartz’s CTO, to reduce the verification of transactions from the current 7 seconds to just 2 seconds.

The official response from Ripple’s top management was not delayed and the team leader of Ripple’s C++ developers, Nik Bougalis, commented on Twitter that there is no new code and that it’s a normal procedure that happens periodically.


This reset of the Ripple testnet would thus be a necessary procedure for the Ripple blockchain. Recently XRP itself was praised by a DSB bank for being the cheapest solution for cross-border payments.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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