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Libra: $10,000 to anyone who detects a critical bug

The Libra Core testnet is available for testing and the bounty program has been announced through the official Twitter channel. Volunteers who find serious bugs or problems in the source code will be rewarded with a prize ranging from $500 to $10000. Reported bugs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine their importance and consequently the reward.

libra critical bug

Facebook intends to create a cryptocurrency that will be used in every part of the world. Libra is supported and developed by the Libra Association, which today boasts very prominent names. The project is very complex, particularly due to the restrictions imposed by the regulators.

Development is underway and recently the well-known ZenGo platform has announced that it has released the testnet dedicated to Libra on its keyless crypto wallet service.

The arrival of Libra is set for 2020 but, prior to the release, the developers want to make sure that the source code is as secure as possible.

Bug hunting session for Libra

These are the bounty rewards:

  • Critical bug: $10,000
  • High: $5,000
  • Medium: $1,500
  • Low: $500

The areas that testers will have to explore are forks, transaction tampering, block tampering and the compromise of validators. In addition, denial-of-service and double-spending reports are very important, as well as flaws detected in the Libra blockchain.

For further details, it is possible to consult the page dedicated to the bounty program.