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BNB and some stablecoins coming to the wallet of the Samsung Galaxy S10

A few moments ago the CEO of Binance tweeted an interesting post stating that the South Korean technology giant Samsung intends to add some new cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to the wallet integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

These would include Binance Coin (BNB).

In detail, the assets added to the crypto wallet integrated at the hardware level into the top of the range smartphone of the South Korean house, are TrueUSD (TUSD), Maker (MKR) and USD Coin (USDC). Moreover, the integration of the BAT token seems forthcoming, which also recently updated its crypto browser.


Some screenshots of the new version of the wallet integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S10 have already been leaked on Reddit, in which the new assets are clearly visible: from the stablecoins to BNB.

As always, it is not clear whether this software version will be limited or not to the Korean market, considering that so far the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones in Italy (but not only) have not yet featured any crypto wallet that can take advantage of the Samsung Blockchain Key Storage integrated in the device.

BNB arrives on the Samsung Galaxy S10

Excluding the other stablecoins, the most interesting currency is certainly BNB, now increasingly widespread thanks to the efforts of Binance and CEO CZ. After having added Bitcoin in the last weeks, Samsung has decided to support also some altcoins.

Until a few weeks ago, in fact, the wallet of the Samsung Galaxy S10 only supported ethereum and several ERC20 tokens. The company has recently included bitcoin and, as of today, also Binance Coin (BNB).

The hardware wallet functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is owed to some features of the integrated processor. The new Exynos 9820 octa-core processor made with 8-nanometre LPP FinFET production process is characterised by three clusters: 2 high-performance fourth-generation custom cores combined with 2 Cortex-A75 cores and 4 energy-efficient Cortex-A55 cores.

In addition to integrating an NPU ( Neural Processing Unit) and the LTE modem, it also features an important advanced security function, the PUF (Physically Unclonable Function). 

This functionality, which is implemented at the hardware level also on Apple products, allows the secure storage of sensitive data, such as fingerprints, passwords and even a hypothetical private key or SEED of a cryptocurrency wallet.

This system also allows a secure generation of private keys, without allowing third-party applications of the operating system to access and clone such data for fraudulent purposes.

Six months after its debut, Samsung has now released a specific wallet only for the Korean market and a few selected countries, but the release of SDKs in recent weeks should speed up the creation of new wallets ad hoc able to take advantage of the blockchain key store featured in the S10.

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