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Deloitte: employees pay for lunch in bitcoin

The Luxembourg unit of the consultancy firm Deloitte, which is part of the so-called “Big Four“, will allow its employees to use bitcoin (BTC) to pay for lunch in canteens.

The news was first reported by the Luxembourg Times and indicates that it is an experiment by the company, to see how they could use cryptocurrencies, beginning with staff who can pay for lunch using a simple mobile app.

An internal, small-scale experiment

Laurent Collet, a partner in the corporate finance and strategy department of Deloitte Luxembourg, said:

“We think it’s good to have our employees assess this new technology”.

The Deloitte experiment will, therefore, be internal and small-scale.

The company, however, does not plan to allow its customers to pay in bitcoin in the near future, added Collet.

By contrast, the Luxembourg subsidiary of PwC, Deloitte’s historical rival, will accept bitcoin payments from its customers from the beginning of October.

Deloitte and blockchain technology

Deloitte is not new to the use and study of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

The leading accounting firm has been exploring the cryptocurrency world for years, analysing its pros and cons. The company has an in-house blockchain team and has established several research centres around the world.

Antonio Senatore, the CTO of Deloitte’s blockchain projects, revealed in May of this year the arrival of a large project based on Ethereum.

Deloitte’s CTO also spoke positively of VeChain, stating that it is a good choice for many companies, given the large community and the well-structured ecosystem behind it.