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Caterina Ferrara, Blockchain Ladies: “Women are oriented towards long-term investments”

Blockchain Ladies is a community founded by Caterina Ferrara that brings together women in the crypto world in order to encourage gender equality in the tech sector.

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the community’s foundation, The Cryptonomist decided to interview Caterina to better understand this project and the reason why there is still talk of male chauvinism in the 21st century.

When and why did you start Blockchain Ladies?

I founded Blockchain Ladies on October 31st, 2017. I had decided to implement a blockchain-based project, Neuralia, and I wanted to have more women on my team, but I immediately realised that there were very few women involved in the sector, especially considering the different professional specialities.

The few who had started a career in the sector at the time were almost all dedicated to marketing or were linked to the legal side. Developers were very rare, as were project managers. These roles were held exclusively by men. And now, thinking about it, there weren’t many traders either.

Don’t you think that talking about the minority of women in this sector or in the world of work, in general, is becoming something of an excuse for women themselves?

Women deserve to receive an apology. We have not made up anything, history speaks for us and it does so even in this area where the data, whilst improving, continue to indicate a low presence of women in managerial positions and places of power. Therefore, I believe that we must continue to talk about it and debate the subject and gender equality in the tech sector in general, now more than ever, precisely because of the data that is rising.

Why do you think women cannot find positions in this sector and which difficulties do they face in the world of work?

They feel crushed by the legacy they bear upon themselves, a legacy that has always seen them fall behind in terms of access to education and the world of scientific work. I am not sure it is a question of difficulties but of opportunities. In other words, if these were provided in the right way and also involved training and educational opportunities in the crypto and blockchain world, they would be seized with great fervour.

What do you think of the recent studies that say that women invest less than men but with better results?

Statistics are showing that women are oriented towards long-term investment, they do not care about immediate speculation. However, what comes to my mind is that women should invest more in projects involving women.

So, for this second birthday of Blockchain Ladies, I hope more blockchain-based women’s businesses that bet on women and on aspects dedicated to our world.

Amelia Tomasicchio
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