ConsenSys: published the list of the most active dApps on GitHub
ConsenSys: published the list of the most active dApps on GitHub

ConsenSys: published the list of the most active dApps on GitHub

By Michele Porta - 25 Sep 2019

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ConsenSys, the famous blockchain-based company founded by Joseph Lubin, has published the list of the top 20 dApps that were most active on the well-known GitHub developer platform.

The list is based on data from State of the DApps, which analyses various parameters including the number of users, volume and developer activity. In addition, the website collects a lot of data from GitHub, including commits, pushes, and the various problems reported.

State of the DApps lists over 3,000 decentralised applications that operate across the various blockchains, such as Ethereum or TRON.

The ranking

Looking at the ranking, in the first place, there is Status with 5983 events in the last 30 days recorded on GitHub. The high number can be explained by the development of the iOS, Android and desktop versions of the Status app.

The number shows a slight decrease compared to last month, although it still has a considerable advantage over all the other projects in the ranking.

In second place follows Storj, a decentralised cloud storage network.

Storj’s team holds second place with 4967 commits, in spite of a sharp decline of 11% compared to the previous month. The intense activity of developers can be explained by the recent beta releases of new features for their network.

The third place on the podium is occupied by Aragon, which has made significant leaps in the ranking during the summer months. The Aragon team recorded 4462 events on GitHub in the last month, an increase of more than 7% over the previous month.

According to ConsenSys, among the least active dApps on GitHub are eSteem and Chainlink. The decentralised blogging and communication platform recorded 1586 events, remaining fairly stable compared to the previous month.

Chainlink, on the other hand, is just ahead of eSteem with 1711 events on its GitHub profile. The number represents a big leap forward of more than 60% compared to the previous month, which in a way could have anticipated the recent integration of data from Binance for its smart contracts.

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