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EOSio beats Ethereum 200 to 1

A few hours ago, the CTO of block.one, Daniel Larimer, posted on Twitter a series of messages stating that EOSio beats the Ethereum blockchain in terms of speed. The latter, in fact, according to Larimer, is much inferior and slower than that of EOSio: Ethereum needs to have 200x greater scalability to reach the speed of EOS.

The tweets of the CTO do not come randomly, given that the Devcon is taking place these days, the annual conference organised by the Ethereum Foundation which outlines the various goals and objectives of the blockchain.

The same Vitalik Buterin is attending the Japanese event that is taking place in Osaka, and he is obviously underlining all the positive aspects of his blockchain, giving plenty of space to the famous ETH 2.0.

In fact, the new Ethereum update is designed to improve its scalability, since the blockchain is already affected by problems of network congestion, which is why in recent months it was even thought that Ethereum could use Bitcoin Cash to temporarily lighten the blockchain. Moreover, Ethereum 2.0. will transition from the PoW model (Proof of Work) to the PoS model (Proof of Stake).

Is EOSio beating Ethereum?

Larimer has certainly taken note of the efforts that the Ethereum blockchain is making, but stresses that, even if improvements are made, the supporting structure, as well as its architecture, will always be weak.

“Scaling is more than just protocol design, it takes great software architecture that is unlikely to be possible when redundancy of implementation forces everyone to run the lowest common denominator of performance.”

The CTO continues wondering why someone should develop on a blockchain that does not have a plan to migrate existing contracts and tokens to the new Ethereum 2.0, given that there are many smart contracts that will conflict with the new update.

“Why build on #eth when they don’t even have a viable plan to migrate existing contracts and tokens to Eth 2.0. I sure hope all the companies planning on using eth have sufficient runway to last 2 years before they can start reimplementing their apps.”

The confidence with which he says this comes from the fact that, shortly, also EOSio will launch an update to solve the problem of governance, as well as the new EOSIO 2.0 update that will make the blockchain 16 times faster than the previous version.

Ethereum has always been, “historically”, the smart contract blockchain, but now, with the arrival of several blockchains, it has lost the lead.

Meanwhile, the huge EOS project of the Voice social media is just around the corner.

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