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Zerobanks: the blockchain is financed by crowdfunding

ZBX – Blockchain Smart Solutions by Zerobanks has been selected by StarsUp, one of the pioneers of crowdfunding, for the launch of its new portal: from the end of October, in fact, it will be possible for everyone to invest in blockchain technology by buying shares in ZBX and with tax benefits expected for 2019.

ZBX and Zerobanks are brands owned by B-ZERO, an innovative startup founded by Federico Monti, an entrepreneur also known for being one of the promoters of the so-called Bitcoin Valley. The company has its registered office in Rovereto and its administrative offices are located in Trento; it is owned by the Confcommercio group through SEAC Spa. 

It is one of the first blockchain companies in Italy to be supported by institutional partners, with whom it is carrying out the project called ZeroBanks for the creation of the so-called zero economy, which concerns the provision of decentralised services.

The company’s mission is to develop an economic doctrine based on the synthesis of new technologies and ethics.

Since 2018, ZeroBanks has been operating with the notarisation on blockchain through the portal “Notarify”, which allows securing, protecting and giving legal value to acts, documents, projects, ideas and everything related to intellectual property.

It also deals with certified OTC operations in cryptocurrencies. 

Currently the core-business of the company is the notarisation, aimed at a target of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, notaries, designers / engineers, insurance / real estate agents, but also to individuals and companies such as banks, insurance companies, SIM/SGR/SICAV, courts, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies and industries.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a bottom-up financing practice that consists in being able to raise funds through the financial help of investors, interested in the project that needs capital and the possibility of profit.

It is a form of investment in constant growth and supported by data: according to a study by Kauffman Foundation and Nesta, on average the ROI (return on investment) for those who invest in a startup is, in the first four years, 2.5 times higher than the total invested and increases (on average) by 100% after only six months.

Why not an ICO?

Crowdfunding campaigns have great popularity, they are an excellent way to promote the company and its activities. In particular, the CEO of the company said he wanted to make it as soon as possible the number 1 in Italy, further increasing the technological gap that has now grown.

In particular, the funds raised will be invested in strengthening the team, although the main focus will be on research and development in order to subsequently achieve the traceability of production chains, plan a future based on smart contracts and introduce a token for trade and tourism.

“ZBX – Blockchain Smart Solutions” aims, therefore, to support individuals and professionals in what is already known as the “era of fintech and legaltech” and to help them get out of what economists call “Great Recession”, giving them the opportunity to stay up to date in the financial sector and at the forefront of the latest generation of technological services. 

Blockchain technology, in fact, by allowing the elimination of third-party intermediaries and ensuring the immutability of documents and transactions contained therein, promises on the one hand to become the most efficient and widespread decentralised public ledger, in which information of any kind and nature can be entered (a document, a contract, a deed, an attestation, a certificate), and on the other hand an important aid in the financial world and, above all, in the world of payment and trade.  

The objectives of the crowdfunding

“ZBX – Blockchain Smart Solutions” aims to raise 50,000 euros, to increase the share capital according to various initiatives planned.
Of this amount, it will be possible to raise overfunding investments of up to 450,000 euros.

All subscribers will receive a voucher with a value equal to that of the investment made, with which they will have access to the services of the company.
A professional may want to participate simply to be able to enjoy free use of Notarify for a certain period of time.

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