A reward system for EOS voters
A reward system for EOS voters

A reward system for EOS voters

By Alfredo de Candia - 19 Oct 2019

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The new update of the EOS blockchain of last month has introduced, in addition to many other new features, a code that allows a reward for those who vote on the EOS blockchain. Specifically, the reward system is managed through proxies, which are delegated by voters and BPs, which are the main players in this system of rewards.

In this still immature landscape, some protagonists of the EOS blockchain, such as EOS Nation, one of the few that has integrated a rewards system for voting with proxy4nation or proxy2nation, allows receiving EOS, DAPP and USDT tokens according to the significance of each account.

The famous Colin T. Crypto has also developed a similar reward project and thanks to his proxy, which boasts millions of votes, has proposed a collaborative system with some Block Producers (BPs) that has led to the creation of a smart contract which allows both parties, BPs and voters, to have a balanced voting system and thus encourage users to vote.

As explained in detail in a post by GenerEOS, this system is very ingenious and allows a BP to set the amount it will make available to voters, thus it can be interpreted as a donation of part of the proceeds from the production of the blocks. 

In this way, those who have voted for the Colin T Crypto proxy, colinrewards, will be able to take advantage of the daily reward, paid directly by the BP.

These are just the first signs that show how the influence of those who vote is important for the EOS blockchain, and also spurs the user to vote both for BPs and for the various referendums in place, such as the one concerning a new reward system for voters.

In fact, one of the problems that afflict the EOS blockchain is precisely the lack of activity on the part of users: in fact, as is known, there are too few users who vote at the moment, amounting to about 70 thousand compared to the actual accounts which are over 1.5 million. 

In the last period, the EOS blockchain is in continuous development, the same CTO of block.one, Daniel Larimer, talked about the next EOSio 3.0 and its new proposal for governance. 

There are also other projects that are contributing, for example, helping users to buy and sell EOS with systems like EOSLocally. Recently there has also been a proposal for the EOS Improvement Proposals, submitted by pEOS.


Alfredo de Candia

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