The VeChain block explorer is coming soon
The VeChain block explorer is coming soon

The VeChain block explorer is coming soon

By Alfredo de Candia - 21 Oct 2019

Chevron down

As announced yesterday in the post, VeChain, a project specialising in the supply chain, will soon launch its new block explorer.

Until now, the management of the blockchain was entrusted to a third company, Totient Labs, which created VeForge Explorer and VeForge Vault, over time became a reference point for the community, especially because the integration made by the team had been very effective.

Unfortunately, Totient Labs announced yesterday that from today the service will be deactivated (from 12:00 PM PDT) and this led the VeChain team to create at the last minute something that could make up for this unpleasant surprise.

The news is certainly odd when considering that the VeChain Foundation seems to have always provided the team with the necessary funds to run the block explorer, amounting to over $100,000; in addition, the VeChain Foundation had repeatedly invited the company to share various events in order to promote the project.

There is no resentment on the part of the Foundation, which expresses in the post all its gratitude for the contribution.

VeChain is now launching two new tools: the VeChain Official Blockchain Explorer and the VeChain Sync Official Ledger Wallet Interface, which will be operational by the end of November.

Obviously, this timing means that the users will not be able to access the info of the Ledger for a while and therefore will not be able to optimally use VET tokens and VIP180 tokens.

Nonetheless, the Foundation assures that the funds remain safe and intact within the blockchain.

Finally, the Foundation concludes the post with a message to its community, warning that the VeChainThor blockchain project will continue to expand.

VeChain is currently ranked 34 on CoinMarketCap with a value of $0.003 and the news has not caused a decrease in its value.

“The VeChain Foundation wants to take this opportunity to emphasize that we will stay committed to supporting ecosystem builders on the VeChainThor Blockchain. The Foundation will continue its numerous monetary and non-monetary grants to aspiring start-ups and community builders as well as offering technical support from the core development team.”


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