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Ardor: how to have a full node blockchain on Android

A few minutes ago, Ardor announced that they had created a way to install a full node blockchain on all Android devices.

Ardor has published all the material on Jelurida. The simple file with the various folders can be installed on any Android device following a straightforward guide prepared by the team in order to have a full node on smartphones.

In fact, with this application, anyone can have a full node and join the current ones – just under 200 – and thus operate and perform transactions.

The Ardor blockchain was born as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) and allows using the NXT blockchain through child chains, which are lighter blockchains compared to the main ones but that can be customised and extended: the Ardor child chain is Ignis, which also has its own token.

To promote the launch of this initiative, a promotional campaign has also been launched – which is operational from today and will end on November 6th. All those who launch their own node and send photos as evidence will be granted a bonus of 1440 IGNIS.

The advantage of having a full node on a mobile device is enormous, both in terms of cost, because it uses fewer energy resources when compared to a traditional PC where usually the software is run, and in terms of convenience since a smartphone is easily transportable.

HTC also knows this well and is currently creating its own Exodus smartphone that contains a full node already installed.

Finally, a portable full node like that of bitcoin is also an excellent system for the various secondary layers that rely on it, one example is that of Lightning Network (LN): in this case a bitcoin full node could be created with a dedicated LN node, allowing fast transactions which are totally decentralised.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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