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ICOs in Switzerland are still performing well

By now, everybody knows that the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) rally reached its peak in December 2017 and now, instead, they are gradually decreasing, replaced in some cases by the recent IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) or by the STO (Security Token Offering).

But will this really be the case? Is it possible that the hype faded away and that in recent years there have been no projects that have successfully used this tool to raise funds?

A recent example is K-Tune, launched on Eidoo, which in a few minutes has already raised 25% of its goal.

Announced a few days ago and launched today, the ICO has already collected over half a million dollars.

The ICOs worldwide

Overall, however, the number of projects has decreased and this is clear from the number of projects launched, which is three times lower compared to a year ago. 

icos switzerland

Moving on to consider the countries in terms of the number of ICOs launched, there is a clear American dominance, followed by Singapore with 577 ICOs and England in third place with just under 500 ICOs.

icos switzerland

As for the platforms used by the ICOs, it is clear that 90% have relied on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain which, with its 4882 projects, is the one that outperforms the competition; Waves follows in second place and Stellar in third place.

icos switzerland

When it comes to economics, this sector achieves the 9-zero figures, since in America alone the $7 billion mark has been exceeded.

icos switzerland

Switzerland ranks 4th with just under $2 billion raised from ICOs. And so it is worth remembering that the Eidoo platform, specifically Eidoo Crowd, allows to easily launch an ICO as, through its app, the process is considerably simplified. Not surprisingly, the latest project, K-Tune, with its ICO that started today, has already collected over 3000 ETH.


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