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Litecoin introduces LiteWallet: the rebranding of LoafWallet

The Litecoin Foundation today announced the new version of LoafWallet, the best standalone Litecoin wallet for iOS and Android, redesigned and renamed LiteWallet.

As reported, the new LiteWallet is the new version of the iOS app (v2.4.0) and includes some important features.

This includes access to the Buy Litecoin option and a second feature that allows users to easily donate a small amount of LTC directly to the Litecoin Foundation. The donation starts with the LTC equivalent of £0.009 and is accessed directly from the menu. 

LiteWallet is available for download today and allows using both the purchase and donation features. New versions and design updates will be released in the coming months. 

About the rebranding of the new app, Kerry Washington, Lead Mobile Developer for the project, said:

“As the Litecoin Foundation continues to grow and brand and name recognition become a more important piece of mass adoption, we needed a more straight-forward way to share the app with the masses”.

With the goal of increasing current LoafWallet numbers by 700 downloads per month for the iOS version and 300 reviews per year, Charlie Lee, CEO of Litecoin said:

“LoafWallet has played an important role in how individuals and businesses buy, store and transact Litecoin. We’re looking forward to LiteWallet making it even easier to interact with Litecoin on a daily basis in ways that are already familiar”.

This announcement comes just after the Second Annual Litecoin Summit 2019, held in Las Vegas this October 28th and 29th. A two-day event dedicated to technical, political, public and cultural innovation in the crypto world. 

Alongside CEO Lee and the director of the Litecoin Foundation, Franklyn Richards, there were many world-renowned speakers of the crypto and related sectors. 

A special space was dedicated to former US Congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul, who delivered a speech essentially dedicated to freedom and the separation of state and money

As it turns out, Ron Paul also seems to be the hero of Litecoin’s CEO, Charlie Lee. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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