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Kraken launches the Pro app for trading

Kraken has officially announced the launch of a new trading app, called Kraken Pro. 

This new app allows users to trade on Kraken also from their smartphones. It is an interface designed specifically for mobile use, which allows trading on the very same platform as the usual web interface. 

This guarantees the same level of security and functionality as the desktop version, with a mobile-first design that allows advanced trading of cryptocurrencies on the move.

The app provides access to more than 100 markets with fast Websockets, real-time price updates, multiple chart and order display options, intuitive charts, colourful sparklines and percentage variations for each currency, as well as advanced trading functions. 

These include long and short positions on 8 different cryptocurrencies with up to 5x leverage, opening and closing positions in bulk with a few clicks, advanced orders and conditional closing parameters to automatically set stop-loss or take-profit on any position as well as start and expiry times for order scheduling. 

The app also shows the complete history of all orders, transactions, positions, deposits and withdrawals, it displays past transactions or open orders directly on the chart, plus the balances for each asset in the currency of choice. 

To trade with a Kraken account, it is necessary to obtain the API key and enter it into the app. 

The vast majority of traders still prefer to trade via web browsers, but it is not possible to stay constantly connected to the computer. Trading apps allow to be connected at all times, so even if the user prefers to continue using the web interface on the desktop, the app will at least allow fast and always available access, even just for checking. The fact of being able to possibly operate at all times can be very useful on certain occasions.

Coinbase has also recently launched its own Pro application for mobile. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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