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The Leaders in Crypto Education

Crypto education has begun to be present in the study programs and is perhaps one of the most promising and useful subjects that a student can delve into, especially since in the world of work many companies are looking for more and more experts in blockchain technology. 

Cryptocurrency studies and courses were only a dream a few years ago, whereas today almost every university out there offers a blockchain study program. The crypto courses are in abundance at the moment. The best part is that you do not require a strictly technical background, so a lot of students switch to these courses and become technically-oriented, with the focus on cryptocurrencies.

Cornell University

One of the eight Ivy League members, Cornell University, is taking some serious steps towards the crypto education and expanding the knowledge on this subject. The co-director for the Initiative of Cryptocurrencies & Smart Contracts at Cornell University, Emin Gun Sirer, has been working on the project Ava Network, which has the goal of providing much faster transactions and much wider support for decentralised applications. 

“The Ava Network project has raised $6 million in February,”

says Steve Moss, a tutor who provides online homework help for those who work on the blockchain subjects. Besides the education, this project will also launch a cryptocurrency as part of its campaign. The best part is that Ava is going to be implemented into many large corporations and ventures throughout the world, so the whole blockchain effect is going to become huge.

EPFL and ETH Zurich

The future cybersecurity engineers will have a chance to learn and develop their blockchain skills at the great EPFL and ETH Zurich’s joint program that will enable students to learn from the masters of this subject. 

The programme aims to develop students’ knowledge of cyber security; students will be trained to deal with the most serious threats to cyber security such as data theft, brute force attacks and many other techniques that have been used to breach security systems, for example, crypto exchanges.

This will be the first cyber-security program in Switzerland and it will be taught in English. 

The students can choose to go to the EPFL or ETH Zurich universities, so it is up to them to decide where they want to study. Although students from computer science or communication systems are the primary targets for these universities, students from other fields of study are welcome as well.

IBM and Columbia University Course

These two giants have announced that they would launch their first program about this subject with the goal of offering extensive and hands-on knowledge in the blockchain industry. The distributed ledger technology is now available for research at this big centre that will use help from experts from different ranges of studies: business, government or academic/scientific. 

The centre also contemplates the idea of starting a blockchain incubator in order to gather the future innovators and projects. IBM has already contributed to some of the existing blockchain projects like Hyperledger and Stellar projects. Besides the course and these projects, IBM also develops the first blockchain platform that 8 large European banks will test and use later as the standard way of operating.

The Stanford Center For Blockchain Research

The CBR is centred around the symbiosis of engineering, law, economics and technology with the goal of solving the technical challenges for students, teachers and researchers. The goal is to develop a new form of technology that will deliver positive results and innovation. 

There are a lot of on-campus projects, research missions and outreaching programs where sponsors work with clients directly. Also, there will be included a lot of courses, seminars and conferences where talented students will spend time with professionals with extensive blockchain knowledge.

The University Of California – Berkeley

The University of Berkeley is known for its technological studies and the students now have the chance to study the blockchain, smart contracts and the overall influence of this industry. The university offers work with recognised companies, prominent scholars, large industrial projects and a lot of opportunities where the blockchain is implemented. 

The researches, as well as the projects, are run by experienced blockchain experts so the students will be able to experience working with this technology first-hand. The best students have a unique opportunity to try out the skills they learn during the studies in some ventures in Silicon Valley that use blockchain technology.




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