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Bitcoin Cash: the Paywall service on BCH

Yesterday a Bitcoin Cash developer, Alex Winter, announced on Twitter that he has created a paywall using the BCH crypto as a payment method. 

What is a Paywall?

 A paywall is a digital barrier that determines the paid access to content published on a website.

The interesting thing about the service invented by Winter is that the interface is really simple and can be used by anyone, with a fee of 10% or at least 1000 satoshi on the final price.

Satoshiwall.cash is the name of this paywall on BCH. As can be seen from the image below, it is very intuitive as a mechanism: it is sufficient to add a title that will be visible to all, the body of the text, the price in satoshi and the BCH address for sending the earnings.

This Satoshiwall also has its own API and so it is possible to integrate it efficiently on any website or pages whose content needs to be monetised.

Bitcoin Cash in London

Another important piece of news recently involved the BCH community. Roger Ver was in London a few days ago for a meetup during which he announced that Bitcoin.com will invest $200 million in the development and adoption of Bitcoin Cash during 2020.

The fund is called “BCH Ecosystem Investment Fund” and will invest in projects that use the BCH blockchain in order to improve and increase its adoption in the world.

Moreover, in order to make people more aware of the crypto world, Bitcoin.com has recently sponsored a Toyota 86 during the Australian Sandown 500 championship. The car, driven by Luke Vanna, was completely branded with the logos of Bitcoin.com and Bitcoin Cash.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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