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Report: the performance of DeversiFi in November

The November report concerning the DeversiFi platform was published a few minutes ago and includes developments, news about the ecosystem and KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

As can be read from the report, the primary objective of DeversiFi is development, especially because the team wants to relaunch the platform towards February/March next year: just a couple of months ago the platform separated from Bitfinex to operate with more freedom and expand the vision of decentralisation.

The increased development of the project can also be deduced from the number of commits to GitHub, through which it is also possible to understand that the team is experimenting with new ways to attract users to the platform, including through a competition to test the PoC (Proof of Concept) of ZK identity verification, which will be implemented within DeversiFi. 

This competition was attended by 426 people, of which 78 new users who redeemed the rewards in the form of NEC tokens, thereby becoming NEC holders.

Over the past few months, DeversiFi has also been busy fixing the platform’s interface, updating the various APIs and solving security issues, not to mention the trading side where they have integrated margin on BZX pTokens, thus allowing traders to complete an order against a pre-populated book order of tokens.

In the coming weeks, the largest DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will be launched, namely necDAO, which was built together with DAOStack and will allow the first adopters to claim their share of Reputation (a native and non-transferable currency that is used to vote on proposals) through an airdrop.

Another interesting aspect is the use of the StarkWare layer, a scalable ZK solution that allows transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, increasing throughput and privacy without compromising security, since it’s all related to the main blockchain instead of the side chain.

These are some of the elements reported in the November report of this non-custodial exchange that will be fully operational in the coming months, allowing competitive fees as well as a buyback program of NEC tokens.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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