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French bank closes a client’s account

As can be read on Twitter, the French bank Société Générale has decided to close a client’s bank account.


The lady, the owner of the bookshop, not only saw her account closed but also the company’s, even though she had no insolvency against the bank itself.

The bank against Twitter

A possible explanation can be found on Twitter. In the previous days, in fact, the lady bitterly complained about the operation of her bank because of the impossibility to carry out transactions from various terminals and the non-existent telephone support, which forced the woman to go directly to the bank each time to carry out all the operations with obvious damages in terms of time and money because this led to the closure of the bookstore in order to go to the branch.

She even received threats from the branch manager, who told her not to post further complaints on Twitter about the problems related to the bank, otherwise, her account would be closed.

And so after some time, the lady received a letter from the French bank with notice of termination of the contract within 60 days, which led her to go to the bank for further details to find out that all the current accounts that were linked to her person would also be closed, including the one with her spouse and the one with her daughter.

Unfortunately, in a centralised world and in the banking sector it is clear that the client has no power, and can only unilaterally accept the conditions imposed by the bank itself.

The blockchain and crypto, on the other hand, radically change this paradigm and free the users from any form of constraint or disadvantage that could harm their economic rights and wealth.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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