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Grin is celebrating 1 year birthday with a hard fork update

The birthday of the Grin crypto took place on January 15th and it started with the planned hard fork update, which – however – doesn’t involve a network split; all the circulating GRIN will not be affected.

This is the second Hard Fork in Grin’s history and it was planned to be implemented once it reached block 524160.

With this upgrade, the recently used algorithm cuckARood29 has been modified  and changed into the new algorithm called Cuckaroom. However, if you want to be able to continue mining Grin with the C29, you need to update your miner’s software to support the new algorithm. 

Also, there are already 3rd and 4th network upgrade planned in 1/2 year and 1 year, respectively. 

Please note that your stored value on the Ironbelly wallet is not affected and you should be able to access all features and applications upon installation of the new hard fork updates. 

Beware of scams telling you to move your coins elsewhere. This new change has been planned well in advance with the end goal to keep your GRIN healthy and safe. Just install the updates and keep calm. By clicking here you can install the update.

Moreover, on January 10th, one of the core developers, @Yeastplume has shared on the grin-forum some of the priorities and main focus for the continued development of the open source based protocol:

“We’ll be looking into our roadmap + features for upcoming releases over the next few weeks, but here’s what I have right now off the top of my head as what the next few weeks should look like. Adding an interactive CLI mode to the wallet, which will help catching issues with the API as well as hopefully finally turn the reference wallet itself into something a bit more usable (for those command-line loving types). I hope it’s common knowledge that the focus has always been on enabling upstream developers via the API rather providing a shiny out-of- the-box experience, but it will be of great help for further API development and testing to have a command line mode where the wallet is ‘running in the background’ (like what the API expects) instead of executing a single command and exiting.

Better documentation on how to use the API, and particularly sample (node) code on how to init and call the secure API in advance of removing the non-secure owner API in 4.0.0.

Testing strategy for both the node and wallet… all of our automated integration testing badly needs restructuring and rework, so I think this should become a priority for the entire dev team for early 2020. Possible SQL wallet backend to support the needs of larger institutional users.”

The next Grin meet up will take place in Amsterdam like it happened last year. The first sponsor for this event has been announced and it is not a surprise that Litecoin developers are really interested in the private MimbleWimble protocol and are even discussing its implementation.

Valeriya Georgieva
Valeriya Georgieva
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