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Why Proxies are Essential for Your Business Success


Nowadays, proxies have become a significant part of a business. The importance of a proxy server for business can be seen with its high anonymity and added security to the network. The appeal of using a proxy server in the market is increasing day by day. Still, what exactly is a proxy?

A proxy server retrieves data from the internet on behalf of a user. It acts as a middleman in between your internet browser of choice and the site you want to access. For instance, every time the user wants to visit Facebook, the firewall allows the request where the admin of the firewall knows which site the user is visiting, and Facebook knows the user’s IP address.

To avoid this, a proxy server is used, which sits between the browser and Facebook, and the requests are passed through the proxy server. As the proxy server has its IP address, the user’s IP address isn’t exposed.

Types of Proxies

1. Datacenter proxy

Datacenter proxies are private proxies, which are not a part of an Internet service provider (ISP). They are very common and used to mask the user’s IP address. Coming from a secondary corporation, they offer a higher connection speed. These proxies help in web scraping and unblocking websites that are geologically blocked.

Data center proxy server use cases:

Irrespective of the industry data center, proxy offers brand protection. Masking the IP and authenticating the IP, Datacenter proxy is a useful web monitoring solution.

Typically, an organization needs multiple accounts in a platform to keep track. Yet, most of the platforms don’t allow you to create more than one account from the same IP address. Datacenter proxies can be used to create multiple accounts to bypass the limit of accounts created from one IP address.

Data center proxy helps in unblocking geo-restricted content. There are lots of platforms from Netflix to YouTube, which streams shows only to a particular region. This restricted content can be viewed without any problem by using data center proxies. The performance and traffic of your website can be tested from any part of the world with the help of a data center proxy.

Benefits of Datacenter proxy server

  1. Speed and Performance: Data center proxies are faster and offer high response time and internet connection. 
  2. Availability: Data centers are all over the world, and it is very easy to find a data center proxy. There are a plethora of companies located near you that offers the right data center proxy server for business.
  3. Cost: Datacenter proxies are more affordable compared to the other proxy servers. It is very easy to find one that costs less than a dollar per IP address.

We analyse proxy market and we can say that, most popular DataCenter proxy providers are:

2. Residential Proxy

Before checking out what residential proxy is, you must have a clear understanding of residential IP. A residential IP address is basically when a device is connected to the internet. A connection from the Internet service provider to a homeowner. Residential proxies are legitimate IP addresses offered by Internet service providers (ISP) to homeowners. It is not provided by a data center and has a physical location. For instance, if the user uses a residential proxy, it hides the current IP address and is assigned to the residential IP address.

Residential proxy server use cases

Residential proxies offer lots of opportunities in business. Some of which are:

  • Web Scraping: It is the best way to collect data from a website. Residential proxies are used for web scraping as they help in extracting a large amount of data by rotating the IP addresses. Though data center proxies can also be used to extract data, Residential proxies are more reliable in mass scraping. One of the most popular use cases is Twitter scraping. Here you can find more information about Twitter proxies and how business use this advantage for better communication.   Each business has a different purpose for web scraping. For example, Twitter proxies  
  • Pricing Intelligence: Mostly used by retailers to monitor and track different product prices in the marketplace to improve the pricing strategy. It is also used to detect fraudulent reviews. 
  • Market research: Market researchers use residential proxies for web scraping to analyze market trends, competitors, and potential customer base.
  • Travel fare aggregation: Web scraping through residential proxy makes it easier to collect data on prices from hotels, travel agencies, and airlines without getting blocked. 
  • Ad verification: Residential proxies helps in checking the ads displayed on the website are real or fake and improves the ad performance.

After proxy market research, Proxyway experts publish residential proxy providers performance. As we can see, we have TOP 3 residential proxy providers:

  • Smartproxy;
  • Oxylabs;
  • Luminati proxies.

Benefits of Residential proxy server

  1. Enhanced Security: Residential proxy provides better security and high anonymity.
  2. Minimal Blacklists: As the IP address is provided by Internet Service providers, the device is connected to a real location, and the chances of getting banned are slim
  3. Reliable: Residential proxy is undetectable. It is very stable and secure when web scraping a large website.


In this data-driven world, the use of proxy has become vital for a business to succeed. Regardless of the type of business, using proxies helps in enhancing your security of an organization, masking your IP address. With hackers lurking for a way to steal data, proxy helps in securing your data by being untraceable. Proxies are reliable for anyone wanting to secure their online activities and move their way to extract data from websites. 

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