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Laura Cappello: “Evolution can only be digital and without intermediaries”

The Cryptonomist interviewed Laura Cappello, crypto and blockchain lawyer, member of Quadrans Foundation and co-founder of Blockchain Core.

Can you tell us about Quadrans? What’s it about?

Quadrans is a public, permissionless and decentralized blockchain platform whose purpose is to build a digital network for smart contracts, capable of storing and sharing corporate and personal data (public or encrypted), creating automation and adapting to industrial and institutional processes.

Quadrans facilitates the creation of standards common to different sectors and has created the digital infrastructure on which to implement a new generation of decentralized applications (dApps).

Quadrans’ keywords are blockchain, encryption and smart contract. Together, they form the foundation of new infrastructure based on fair use of technology resources, including the acquisition, recording and transfer of information.

The new Quadrans ecosystem features two types of cryptographic resources, which in blockchain terms are coin and token. These perform different functions within the platform and are comparable to the coins and tokens found on other blockchains.

Quadrans Coins (QDC) function as gas for executing smart contracts while Quadrans Tokens (QDT) define the conditions of the internal reward scheme and are used (in conjunction with QDC) to load and execute smart contracts on the Quadrans blockchain.

In addition, the new distributed consensus protocol is designed to significantly improve the system’s ability to process large amounts of transactions. This means that it will be possible to achieve greater scalability in a secure manner and reduce the power consumption required to solve complex algorithms, making Quadrans a sustainable blockchain.

What does Blockchain Core do and what is your involvement?

Blockchain Core is the result of the combination of multiple professional experiences gained by the various components of the company, each in its own sector, whose economic, financial, legal and IT know-how is reflected in the provision, both to private individuals and to national and supranational public bodies, of professional advice in the application of blockchain technology and in the creation of specific management solutions on the platform.

Blockchain Core carries out business activities and, since its inception, has always had the objective of promoting the correct dissemination of blockchain technology to companies, public administrations and individuals.

To this end, as President of the company, I have participated in numerous conferences, round tables, major events on innovation and technology and released various publications.

With this aim in mind, in May 2019, Blockchain Core organized the important Conference “Blockchain Digital Innovation” held at Villa Celimontana in Rome, where the evolution of new technology was discussed from the perspective of the Public Administration (they were present: the Undersecretary of State for the economic development, the Head of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the phenomenon of mafias and other criminal organizations, the Technical Director of the Postal Police, the Commander of the Guardia di Finanza Unit for the Repression of Fraud against the European Union – COLAF) and from the point of view of the Italian and foreign experts and professionals involved in blockchain technology.

Blockchain Core was also a partner of Blockchain Management SL, during the organization of “Blockchain Week Roma”, the biggest Italian event of 2019 dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

It should be noted that Blockchain Core has several important partnerships in place: with the COLAF-Department Council of Ministers for the study of a highly innovative European project aimed at the application of Blockchain technology in the fight against European fraud; with SIAE for the application of Blockchain technology to the copyright industry, with Quadrans Foundation (where I am Chairman of the Legal & Governance Board) which is a non-profit foundation that manages the public, permissionless and open-source Quadrans blockchain platform, for the study of all legal issues related to relations within the platform, also with the aim of supporting Italy and the European Union in the process of regulatory simplification and streamlining of bureaucratic procedures to achieve regulatory globalization and the creation of a worldwide code that will be the foundation of all human interactions. 

All these entrepreneurial initiatives of Blockchain Core are at the same time informative and formative models since they are evidently also innovative projects within a technology under development. 

This makes Blockchain Core a leader in Information Technology, and I myself, in order to promote technological innovation in our country and the diffusion of Blockchain Core, am the testimonial of the Italian initiative “Adopt a Node”.

What do you think of Libra from a legal point of view?

The world is rapidly evolving with the advent of new technologies, which are still only partially used. The legal landscape is changing and our approach to law is changing because new digital realities cannot simply adapt to existing rules.  

It will have to be the legislation to adapt to digitization, shaping itself to accommodate the transition to a completely paperless world – including the abandonment of paper money in favour of digital and crypto.

What do you think about Telegram and what is happening with the SEC? 

The near future lies clearly in peer to peer payments and there can be no other system but this. The peer to peer exchange system is the only one that allows us to take advantage of new technologies to solve the problems created by centralization. 

WhatsApp and Telegram themselves are introducing these payment systems not to circumvent the current systems, but to make it easier for all of us. Mobile phones and smartphones have changed our lives and evolution can only be digital with the direct exchange between us, without intermediaries. 

What do you think of the female presence in the blockchain world?

It is a presence destined to grow with the evolution of technology. 

With the passing of the years, the increasing digitalization, especially among young people, attracts an increasing number of women towards the new technology, and the growing number of women working in these sectors is a driving force for the following generations, facilitating their entry into technological fields without fear. 

For this reason, I am a member of Blockchain Ladies, an international community that connects women professionals in the industry. I am convinced that, thanks to digital technology, we will succeed in completely overcoming the gender gap that exists today. 



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